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Gem Ambulance Improves Patient Transport with AirLink® Gateways

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Based in Lakewood, New Jersey, Gem Ambulance is a private medical transportation company servicing more than 100 nursing homes and nursing facilities throughout New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. Founded in 2007, Gem has quickly grown from just 12 employees and three trucks to close to 300 employees and 100 vehicles with fi ve locations.

Business Challenge

To improve fleet management, Gem originally employed a well-known third party dispatch tool, but soon found the solution’s features to be insufficient. In particular, the program did not provide Gem with a live data feed for tracking vehicle location.

Working with FleetEyes, provider of fleet management solutions to the healthcare and public safety industries, Gem Ambulance was introduced to an advanced front and back-end fleet management solution powered by Sierra Wireless AirLink® gateways.

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