Technology helps jobs

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Technology Helps Jobs

With the rapid development of technology, experts invent solutions to make jobs safer and thus save more lives. Many jobs are of very high importance and time and connections are of utmost vitality to do them well, Jobs such as emergency forces or the police.

New technologies, better networks, and broader coverage are helping improve the responsiveness and efficiency of police officers and enabling them to better protect the public’s safety.

Public safety vehicles are full of valuable assets that need to be available for first responders to save lives and prevent crimes. You need to know in real time, if any of these assets and first responders is in fact, in a life-critical situation. Let’s look at an example, officer Morrison is patrolling the highway leading out of the city and tries to call in a routine traffic stop but the signal from his radio is blocked. Thankfully when the cruiser left town, the vehicle’s router automatically switched to the best available network. As officer Morrison exits his vehicle several things happen, an alert shows up on the dispatcher dashboard, a Bluetooth tag in his police badge indicates he is within 30 feet of the cruiser and the vehicle router directs the dash-mounted video camera to stream a feed to the dispatcher.

The dispatcher runs the license plate and puts other units on alert. As officer Morrison approaches the target vehicle, chaos breaks out as a passenger jumps out of the vehicle and runs for the bushes. The driver of the vehicle peels out Morrison and unclips his sidearm which triggers a signal to the vehicle router. Available officers are directed to the scene ten minutes later. Officer Morrison has the suspect in handcuffs and has secured a duffel bag containing narcotics. Two miles away, the suspect vehicle is pulled over by an officer who had received the vehicle information. In the trunk, more narcotics are found. The review of the incident is aided by the data collected via vehicle router with a clear timeline and all personal weapons and other assets accounted for. The book is closed on a successful arrest scenario. It may seem futuristic but all this technology exists today and a purpose-built vehicle networking solution is required to tie it all together. In the world of public safety, mobile assets need to be controlled and managed not simply tracked. To learn more, please visit Sierra’s website.

Using the Airlink routers would help cover both urban and rural locations, even very mountainous areas that would have struggles with connectivity even during normal times.

Apart from these benefits, all the data collected by routers can be managed by cloud management services and can be monitored or analyzed through what is called AMM (Airlink mobility manager). It is a leading-edge, end-to-end network management solution that enables simplified, remote and real-time mass configuration, control and troubleshooting of all in-vehicle AirLink routers and gateways, connected mobile assets and mission-critical applications.

This system provides managers with a virtual dashboard to securely track, manage and troubleshoot all mobile resources, modify configurations, monitor network coverage, troubleshoot IT devices and more. Email alerts and real-time map views would help identify resource utilization and help optimize the true value of your mobile workforce.

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