This flexible network server is designed for applications where multiple NiagaraAX based JACE controllers will be networked together or to provide a central monitoring station in multi-site projects.

Unlike other automation solutions, which generally are Windows based software applications quite different form the embedded controller technology, Tridium’s visualisation software is the same NiagaraAX as runs on the JACE platforms, just used in different ways. This offers much more flexibility in the way systems are architected.

Key Features

  • Web serving graphical user interface
  • Supports multiple JACE stations connected by local Ethernet network, GPRS, or the Internet
  • Unlimited number of users over the Internet / Intranet with a standard web browser
  • Enterprise-level information exchange using SQL database and HTTP/HTML/XML text formats
  • Global time functions, calendar, central scheduling, control, back-up and energy management routines
  • Sophisticated alarm processing and routing, including e-mail and SMS support (optional)
  • Web access to alarms, logs, graphics, schedules, and configuration data
  • PDF report generator enables customised reports to be emailed on a scheduled basis
  • Password protection and security using standard Java authentication and encryption techniques
  • Comprehensive on-line system help information
  • Ethernet driver support for BACnet I/P, OPC, Modbus TCP, EIB/KNX, LON IP and SNMP
  • Can export archived trend and alarm data to CSV, SQL, MySQL, DB2 and Oracle
  • Support for touchscreens (virtual keyboard et

The Supervisor® is one of the Niagara Framework® suites designed to integrate a variety of devices and protocols into a common distributed automation system.

Supervisor® is a flexible network server used to manage multiple JACE stations on larger projects, or to provide a central monitoring station in multi-site projects. It also, optionally, supports direct communication with other systems via various IP based protocols, including BACnet I/P, OPC (client), Modbus TCP, EIB/KNX, LON-IP & SNMP. This enables seamless integration of other systems at the IP level, with a common browser user interface, providing much more flexible access (from any networked PC), and simplifying operator training.

Supervisor creates a powerful network environment with comprehensive database management, alarm management, and messaging services. In addition, the Supervisor provides a full engineering environment and graphical user interface. Advanced graphics can be created for display in any browser. The optional CSV, SQL, MySQL, DB2 and Oracle drivers enable seamless data transfer to these industry standard databases. The optional SMS service enables alarms to be sent as SMS messages.