Tridium developed the Sedona Framework to enable smaller microprocessor based devices to benefit from the power and flexibility of the Niagara Framework. The Sedona Framework can be regarded as a "micro" version of Niagara in that it offers the same ability to graphically configure control strategies using software components, but Sedona lacks the advanced management and multi-protocol features of NiagaraAX. Whilst Tridium are encouraging various manufacturers to use the Sedona Framework in their small controller and other control devices, we are ourselves offering an IP connected 30 point Sedona Framework based controller to complement our range of JACEs and I/O modules.

The IOS30P EasyIO Sedona controller can be used for a wide range of plant control applications such as AHU and boiler room control. A self-contained control strategy can be graphically configured in the EasyIO using the NiagaraAX Workbench tool and then a JACE is used to manage several of the EasyIO controllers; providing the histories, alarming and scheduling. The DIN rail mounting IOS30P has an Ethernet port for connection to IP networks, and uses the Sedona protocol SOX for communication with NiagaraAX.

The IOS30P has 8 digital inputs, 8 universal inputs, 8 digital (relay) outputs, 4 0-10V outputs and 2 open collector outputs, for time proportional control. LED status indication for digital points is provided to assist in the commissioning process.

In addition to the I/O there is an RS485 serial port for connection of either Bacnet MSTP or Modbus devices. The IOS30P can behave as either a Modbus master or Modbus slave. If connected to the JACE via a serial Modbus network the Niagara Workbench engineering tool can be "tunneled" over Modbus to enable remote configuration.

Two part connector blocks are used all inputs and outputs to assist easy installation and the IOS30P is powered by 24Vac.

The Sedona Framework can be regarded as a "micro" version of Niagara

The IOS30P EasyIO Sedona controller is a freely programmable controller which uses the Sedona Framework to enable graphical configuration by the NiagaraAX Workplace. Designed to work with JACE® controllers which provide management functions such as alarming, logging and scheduling, the IOS30P is connected by an IP Ethernet network. The IOS30P is 24V powered and features LED indication of output status and operational status.

Key features of IOS30P

  • - Supports the Sedona Framework™
  • - DIN rail mounting
  • - 1 Ethernet and 1 RS485 ports
  • - A mixture of analogue and digital inputs and outputs for a wide range of control applications
  • - High resolution on analogue points (14 bit on inputs, 12 bit on outputs)
  • - 24v ac or dc power supply
  • - Supports Sedona SOX communications for configuration and operation Built-in Web Server for basic configuration
  • - Firmware can be remotely upgraded via the Ethernet network
  • - LED indication of digital point status
  • - LED indication of operational status
  • - Reset switch for “warm start”

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  • Datasheet: IOS30P Sedona Controller