AirLink Raven XE

The Raven XE (HSPA) provides high-speed connectivity in a compact and sleek form factor for critical enterprise applications. Designed to handle rugged and robust applications, the Raven XE is ideal for fixed and portable broadband connectivity.

Using the AirLink ES440’s serial port to connect to the console port of the router, IT administrators can troubleshoot and repair network equipment over wireless wide area networks (WWAN). This terminal server capability allows operation centers to remotely reboot, configure, and update a router via the ES440 using Reverse Telnet and SSH protocols. As a result, remote personnel no longer need to manually reset their networking equipment and IT administrators can dramatically reduce the number of field visits.

Key Benefits

  • Easy integration with customer equipment
  • Consistent user experience across multiple wireless network technologies
  • Ethernet connectivity for easy setup
  • Remote management and troubleshooting
  • IPsec VPN to protect your data from unauthorized access

Powered by ALEOS embedded intelligence and managed by the AirLink Management Services, the GX400 is a "one device fits all" solution that allows customers to deploy and manage the same device for multiple applications, simplifying deployment and management.


AirLink Raven XE

ALEOS™ (AirLink Embedded Operating System) embedded intelligence is the power behind AirLink gateways that enables them to connect with industrial, enterprise, and transportation equipment out-of-the-box.