AirLink PinPoint XT

PinPoint XT (GPRS) is a cost-effective vehicle tracking and asset location platform, ideally suited for Mobile Resource Management (MRM), fleet management, real-time dispatch and AVL applications.

The PinPoint XT provides secure, end-to-end intelligence for management of remote assets. The GPS receiver constantly computes the vehicle location, and position reports are relayed over the cellular data network based on time and/or distance.

The PinPoint XT is embedded with a sophisticated exception based events reporting engine. With an intuitive user interface, fleet administrators can select what data to collect, when to collect it, and how to have the information delivered to ensure time-sensitive information is presented in the right place, at the precise time needed for better decision making and overall system efficiency.

Key Benefits

  • Persistent network connectivity for uninterrupted, bidirectional communications
  • Highly configurable real-time exception based reporting
  • Rugged design for use in extreme conditions
  • Compact form factor for easy installation
  • Robust integration with third party application providers

Powered by ALEOS embedded intelligence and managed by the AirLink Management Services, the GX400 is a "one device fits all" solution that allows customers to deploy and manage the same device for multiple applications, simplifying deployment and management.


AirLink PinPoint XT

ALEOS™ (AirLink Embedded Operating System) embedded intelligence is the power behind AirLink gateways that enables them to connect with industrial, enterprise, and transportation equipment out-of-the-box.