Novatel Wireless MT 3060

An innovative OBDII plug-and-play design with embedded Bluetooth, and enhanced performance utilizing an innovative antenna design. The MT 3060 is an integrated, system-level solution that collects and controls critical vehicle data, and can reliably deliver that information to the cloud, all managed by Novatel Wireless’ Services Enablement Platform that includes the N4A™ Communications and Management Software (CMS) and N4A Device Manager.

The MT 3060 platform is a family of plug-and-play, self-installed devices that can be deployed in minutes by any driver. The MT 3060 simply inserts into the OBD-II port of a vehicle, without taking a vehicle out of service. The family of MT 3060 products avoids costly and timely professional installations, and allows for scalable application platforms, provisioning and customer service models in the commercial telematics and consumer telematics markets. It also supports all five vehicle engine OBD-II protocols. So no matter the application --- fleet management, usage-based insurance, or driver behavior management – or the region of the world, the MT 3060 is the ideal option for customers charged with lowering upfront telematics costs while improving safety and productivity.


  • OBD-II plug-and play device for easy installation
  • 1000 Hz 3-axis accelerometer for accurately detecting driver behavior
  • Bluetooth voice and data
  • Supports location, vehicle performance and Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC)
  • Supports vehicle door lock/unlock

The MT 3060 boasts a highly sensitive 1000 Hz sampling 3-axis accelerometer and GPS along with advanced technology for accurate impact detection -- enabling it to detect driver behaviors such as vehicle speed, location, hard braking, cornering and acceleration. The MT 3060 further optimizes network connectivity performance by a high efficiency innovative antenna design and disconnect alert feature using an on-board backup battery.

MT 3060

Built for local, regional, and long haul fleets, the MT 4000 delivers critical features to driving efficiencies and reducing operational costs. Once fitted to a vehicle and integrated to a fleet management application, the ROI is immediate with improvements in driver productivity by monitoring individual driver location and performance throughout the day.

  • Use Cases
  • - Fleet Management
  • - Consumer/Commercial Telematics
  • - User Based Insurance (UBI)
  • - Driver & Vehicle Profiling
  • - Safety & Security

  • Downloads
  • Datasheet: MT 3060