AirLink MP

The AirLink™ MP (HSPA) is the leader in rugged, in-vehicle gateways, providing steadfast access to critical data. First responders, and fi eld service technicians use the MP to access databases, communicate with dispatchers, and complete paperwork while in the field.

The ruggedized design of the MP is ideal for critical applications under harsh environments. This device is built to withstand extreme temperatures and meet U.S. Military specifications for vibration, shock, drop, rain/splash, humidity, sand/dust, and salt/fog. The MP withstands harsh environments and has been put to the test in hundreds of public safety agencies.

To offer enhanced versatility, the MP has optional embedded Mobile Wi-Fi Access Point capabilities. The 802.11 b/g AP radio allows 10 Wi-Fi enabled device connections to the MP, creating a mobile hotspot for field service and first responders. The Mobile Wireless Access Point has built-in Wi-Fi security features, including WPA2ENT, which can be configured to simplify installation by eliminating cabling for an in-vehicle laptop installation.

Key Benefits

  • The industry standard for wireless vehicle-mount gateways
  • Ruggedized design for mission critical applications
  • Wireless mobile access point option for Wi-Fi capabilities
  • Built to handle stressful environments
  • I/O functionality to allow automatic event reporting through triggers

With the ALEOS Events Reporting Engine, the AirLink MP reports real-time status and actionable event notifications, to ensure time-sensitive information is presented in the right place, at the precise time needed for better decision making and overall system efficiency.


AirLink MP

ALEOS™ (AirLink Embedded Operating System) embedded intelligence is the power behind AirLink gateways that enables them to connect with industrial, enterprise, and transportation equipment out-of-the-box.