IOM (I/O Modules)

These modules are designed for use as local I/O within motor control panels for the wired connection of sensors and actuators. They feature a plug and socket on their sides so they can be simply plugged together on a DIN rail. As they use an RS485 network to communicate with the JACE they can also be used as remote I/O modules distributed around a plant room, or around the whole building subject to the usual RS485 wiring constraints. There are a range of module types for different applications, and the output types include 230V relays for direct switching of power loads.

  • DIN rail mounted and pluggable together
  • Modbus network connection for distributed use
  • Various types enables cost-effective use in different applications
  • Inputs accept pulse output meters
  • Some modules include power relays to reduce installation costs
  • Feature Hand/Off/Auto plus LEDs to reduce commissioning time

The IOM range of I/O modules are designed for use as local I/O within motor control cabinets or as remote I/O connected via RS485 Modbus. The wide variety of modules enables cost-effective use in a range of applications. LED’s plus Hand/Off/Auto switches on some varieties help with commissioning. The IP20 rated modules may be plugged together on standard DIN rail or direct mounting. The cascadable design allows power and 2-wire RS485 Modbus communications to connect through without any extra wiring.

Input and output modules for local or remote serial connection to a JACE® controller

Module varieties

  • ▪ 10 digital input
  • ▪ 8 analogue input
  • ▪ 4 digital relay output
  • ▪ 4 analogue output & 3 digital relay output
  • ▪ 6 digital relay output & 12 digital input
  • ▪ 4 digital triac output & 2 analogue output
  • ▪ 4 DI, 6 UI, 6 DO, 2 AO multi-function
  • ▪ Power & connection: CON & CON-R

  • Downloads
  • Datasheet: IO Modules Summary