AirLink Fastrack

The Sierra Wireless AirLink FXT EDGE programmable modem offers quad-band EDGE connectivity in a ruggedized, encased form factor with external connections. AirLink™ Fastrack Xtend is a programmable modem Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) can use to integrate cellular connectivity into their equipment, or when combined with AirVantage services from Sierra Wireless as an essential piece of a full M2M solution.

The AirLink Fastrack for EDGE networks features an expansion slot to increase the fl exibility of the device by easily exposing new features and functionality. Sierra Wireless currently offers both Ethernet and GPS expansion cards to increase the usefulness of the Fastrack in applications requiring those features. New features can be added as Sierra Wireless and third party developers create additional expansion cards to meet market needs.

Key Benefits

  • External serial and USB ports enable seamless integration with OEM devices
  • Integration into OEM devices without the need for additional certifications
  • Open AT operating system creates a robust programming environment
  • Rugged for use in harsh conditions
  • Compact form factor for easy installation

Equipped with Mini-USB and RS-232 serial ports, the AirLink Fastrack provides OEMs with a quicker path to market. By leveraging Fastrack, OEMs can wirelessly enable their equipment without performing a full module integration. Since the Fastrack has been certified by regulatory bodies as well as tier one network operators, there is no need for additional certifications. The AirLink Fastrack for EDGE networks is supported by the Sierra Wireless Open AT operating system. Customers and integrators can leverage a collection of tools that allow them to embed custom C/C++ applications into a Fastrack.

AirLink Fastrack

Sierra Wireless Open AT® Application Framework is a complete software package for developing embedded M2M applications in standard C/C++.

It is a standards-based technology used by millions of devices worldwide and with a proven track record of more than 10 years in the field. It is supported by a well-established ecosystem and a forum with an active M2M developer community.