Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

Our DCIM solution provides the data granularity required for efficient management of the data center. With unprecedented visibility and management over environmentals, power consumption and cooling —it transforms complexity into simplicity. Its interactive interface delivers critical information to drive knowledge-based decision making. Access to real-time, holistic information about assets, power, environment and process empowers users to proactively manage moves, adds and changes. With our DCIM solution, decisions are made with speed and confidence—not guesswork.

Supported Equipment

Chilled Water Systems | CRAC Units | Utility Power Meters | Switch Gear | Generators | Fuel Systems | ATSs, STSs | Fire Panels | Leak Detection | Battery Strings | Rack PDUs | RPPs, BCMs | UPSs, PDUs

Our DCIM solution can also help save money associated with data center operations by uncovering stranded capacity and cutting energy usage. This management systems help data center operators plan for future expansions, effectively extending the useful life of a facility. In fact, after implementing our automated start/stop HVAC system, one client was able to decrease their CRAC units’ runtime by about 20%—that translates into over $23,000 in savings annually!


  • Automated Reports — Automatically generates required reports saving time and decreasing human error associated with running reports.
  • Import Wizard — For users who already track their assets, this system offers quick and easy import of each individual asset. Itemized assets are added into the database and assigned to the specific rack and U space where they are installed.
  • Control Enabled — Increases facility efficiency allowing users to more fully realize return on investment.
  • Custom Views of All Data — Shows the most pertinent information based on individual monitoring needs for faster, more efficient data collection.
  • Extensive Trend and Historical Records — No more manual measurements! Saves time by automatically collecting and logging important data points.
  • Full Alarm Management — Gives users the flexibility to manage alarms remotely so no alarm goes unacknowledged.
  • Industry Leading Monitoring and Management Features — Monitor your facility proactively rather than reactively. The extensive tool set allows users to recognize problem areas before they cause downtime.
  • Integration with All Major BMS and NMS — Easily works with current systems so there is no need to replace expensive equipment.
  • Multiple Site Capable — Gives users a holistic view of the enterprise for maximum efficiency.
  • Multiple User Based Views and Permissions — Increases efficiency by personalizing what information is displayed during log in.
  • Scalable — Additional data points are easily added when users need to expand.
  • Vendor/MFG neutral — Works with existing equipment so users get reliable, efficient monitoring results.

Better data center management starts with better visibility

This solution goes beyond typical monitoring systems by surpassing reactive or even proactive methods to provide the user with extensive toolsets, letting you know about potential problems before they become catastrophic.

  • Tools
  • - Power One-Line Diagrams
  • - Power Capacity Planning
  • - Energy Cost Analysis
  • - Datacenter Documentation Storage
  • - Custom Reporting
  • - Custom Views
  • - Key Performance Indicators
  • - PUE/DCiE
  • - Unique Views Per User
  • - Tenant Billing Manager

  • Communication Protocols
  • - SNMP
  • - Modbus
  • - BACnet
  • - LONworks
  • - oBIX
  • - Hardwired I/O

  • Downloads
  • Datasheet: DCIM