Critical Assets Monitoring (CAM)

The SCG platform connects to any existing facility equipment including meters, generators, chillers, automatic transfer switches, and any other intelligent mechanical equipment regardless of make, model, vintage, or protocol. The platform collects meaningful energy, equipment status, critical alarms, and operational health and readiness data from facility equipment into a single, highly scalable, open database platform.

The SCG platform controls your entire facility equipment portfolio, execute critical power system compliance/readiness testing, and automate energy efficiency programs such as Demand Response. Our Critical Assets Monitoring solution creates a Digital Energy Internet of Things network while collecting data from, controlling, and interfacing to building metering, electrical equipment, mechanical equipment, and on-site generation and renewables regardless of age, vendor, or vintage with our platform.

Critical Assets Monitoring

Our Critical Asset Monitoring (CAM) solution provides the vital measurements required for predictive condition-based monitoring of electrical power critical assets such as switchgear, circuit breakers, and bus ducts. Immediate measurement feedback is available on the local HMI, or through an industry standard communication interface (Modbus-RTU) for easy substation SCADA integration.

Continuous, real-time, early warning partial discharge monitoring for electrical power applications